15% of Real-Time Content at Learning 2012?


Have you attended a conference and had a wish list for a few more sessions that mapped to YOUR issues or allowed a deeper follow-up conversation about a keynote or breakout session?

While we spend months building a diverse program of sessions, workshops and discussions, this year, Learning 2012 will dedicate at least 15% of the Program to Real Time Content!

realtimeThat means that 15% of the schedule will remain open as you arrive in Orlando - for Real-Time Content sessions to be suggested, organized, presented, facilitated, "curated" and shared! 

Our Program Team is creating a Real-Time Content model - which will actively engage our thousands of participants in adding, extending and personalizing the program.  15% of the sessions will be announced as Learning 2012 proceeds - shared via updated schedules and a mobile app.

There are very few examples of using this amount of Real-Time Content in a large conference.  Scaling Real-Time content to a event this size will be an active experiment - in how to harness and engage learners in this format.  Some of our Real-Time Content sessions will be the most memorable interactions of the event and some may just "fail".  But, that is also true of highly programmed content as well.  Each participant will decide how many, if any, of the Real-Time Content sessions to attend, suggest or perhaps lead.

We are very excited about extending the content of Learning 2012 with Real-Time Content.