LEARNING FORMATS at Learning 2012:

L11photos1Keynote General Sessions: Fast moving interviews and dialogues with global leaders from the worlds of learning, business, technology and human behavior. Our keynoters this year include General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.), Susan Cain (Introverts at Work), Jenny Zhu (Learning in Asia), Ken Davenport (Stories & Broadway), Charles Duhigg (The Power of Habits), Elliott Masie and several more.

Learning Stories: Organizational stories of success, failure and lessons learned. Leaders will share their stories and engage participants in focused dialogues about the implications of those stories for other organizations. These are all up-to-date, honest, under-the-hood explorations of learning innovation and implementation in real companies. Senior learning executives are sharing their experiences and engaging in authentic dialogues with Learning 2012 participants.

360° Views: We will take an issue, such as ‘Approaches to Onboarding’, and explore it from a 360° perspective.  Rather than a boring “panel”, a 360° View session will honor and detail very different, diverse and even contradictory approaches to a single learning challenge or approach.

Discussions: You and your fellow participants will engage in structured discussions on key learning topics and challenges in small, focused groups of colleagues. These sessions will be led by one or more senior learning executives, who will present mini overviews of key questions and then engage participants in exploratory conversations.

Step by Step: Pragmatic sessions that provide practical advice and action steps to successfully implement and/or utilize strategies, approaches to and technologies for learning.

Benchmarking: Detailed, interactive comparisons of process, content or design in learning. For example, how are organizations using webinars and what are their strategies for marketing, retaining and improving the learner’s experience? Participants should come prepared with data about their organizations to share and compare.

Keynote Perspectives: Drill-down breakout sessions with our keynote speakers. They will expand on what they share during their main stage interviews and take questions from participants.

Author Talks: Authors share key points and takeaways from their latest titles (either in person or by videoconference). Regardless of whether you have read the books, all are welcome to attend and drill down with these authors! The ASTD Book Store will stock all titles.

Learning Labs: Imagine a room that is designed for you and your colleagues to experiment with, touch, try, see and learn about learning innovations. For example, there will be Labs on “Interactive Books” (tablet/ebook) and Infographics (graphical displays of content/context).

Learning Fundamentals: In the age of innovation, learning fundamentals are even more important. These sessions will focus on Learning Design, On-The-Job Training and other elements at the core of great learning. Fundamentals are key to sustainable and impactful learning strategies.

Innovations: Let’s explore new and changing learning delivery, design and formatting options. For example, what is really happening with Mobile and Video-based learning? And, how are colleges offering massive Open, Online Classes for tens of thousands of learners? We will explore the innovation vs. hype challenge!

Mentoring: You will have formal and self-organized opportunities at Learning 2012 for mentoring and coaching connections with fellow participants. These will include “speed mentoring,” “reverse mentoring” with our 30 Under 30 Group, expert/novice mentoring and other formats.

For You: Sessions focused on you, the participant, ranging from your health to your career and life balance.

Supplier Showcases: Led by executives from sponsoring companies and/or their clients, these are interactive seminars, case studies and demonstrations designed to highlight and explore their learning solutions.

Real-Time Sessions & Activities:This year, we are adding a significant number of sessions and activities that will be organized and scheduled in real time on site. Feedback from our participants has shared their desire to have a few sessions that are born “in the moment” in reaction to very specific challenges they are experiencing or issues raised by keynoters and other speakers. These will be harvested and “curated” as “UserContent”. It is our hope to have at least 10% of the sessions at Learning 2012 be Real-Time offerings.


A Note About Learning 2012 Content: 
Our design model is to provide several updates on sessions and schedules in the months leading up to Learning 2012. You will have a complete online version of our Learning 2012 Program Guide by end of September.