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Managing Director ltd.

Nigel Paine has been a Masie Learning Fellow since 2006 when he was awarded the title of Masie Learning Thought Leader.  This year he was given the Colin Corder Award for an outstanding contribution to learning and development at the London Learning Awards Dinner.

Appointed in April 2002 to head up the BBC’s Learning and Development operation where he built a successful and innovative learning and development operation.  This included an award winning Leadership programme for 6,000 key staff, state of the art informal learning and knowledge sharing applications and one of the most successful and well-used intranets in the Corporate sector which was voted one of the ten best by an international intranet ranking organisation.  All this while developing the core skill sets for one of the largest broadcasters in the world.

He left the BBC at the end of 2006 to start his own company that is focussing on promoting creativity, innovation and learning and the link between them. He speaks at conferences around the world and writes for a range of international publications. He is also coaching senior executives in companies in Europe, Australia and the USA.

He drives people mad with his infectious optimism about the power of learning to transform both individuals and organisations and is a great believer in innovation as a means of constant renewal.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, the Learning and Performance Institute, and the Royal Society of Arts and has been a visiting Professor at Napier University in Edinburgh since 1998.